This week the media published details of research which shows a link between climate change and suicide risk: extreme heat “profoundly affects the human mind”.
"I wanted to set up services which would be very different from anything that was currently available. My experiences showed me so clearly what was missing, and what was needed."
"Please seize the opportunity to help. Even if you doubt your capabilities to do so, you have more skills at hand than you realise."
"Despite a CAFCASS report documenting the domestic abuse, with dates of incidents, the judge gave custody of the younger children to the father."
"Mark said that he could have gone to see his GP about the most intimate and embarrassing physical health problem. But he couldn't tell him the things his wife had said to him on leaving him for another man."
You may not know that a person you encounter is feeling suicidal. They may simply appear vulnerable in some way.
Calum is grateful for the mental health input he is receiving. He has a very compassionate psychiatric nurse caring for him in prison, as well as a psychiatrist.
In terms of community care, we have demonstrated at our Suicide Crisis Centre that it is possible to provide a type of non-residential care which really can ensure that high-risk clients survive.
Although Christmas is predominantly a time of sadness for me, because it is for so many of our clients, it is still a time of hope.
It is so hard for him not to lose hope. He knows that there are people who care and are fighting to get him the help he deserves. But the situation is very fragile.
Ellie died of pancreatitis. We watched a bright, intelligent, caring, creative individual deteriorate before our eyes over a period of months. We cared about her and we feel her loss.
"I remember thinking 'What's more important - the patient's life and survival or the staff member's feelings about hearing swear words?' It is far better for us as professionals to let a person express their anger at that point rather than asking or expecting them to suppress it."

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