Although Christmas is predominantly a time of sadness for me, because it is for so many of our clients, it is still a time of hope.
It is so hard for him not to lose hope. He knows that there are people who care and are fighting to get him the help he deserves. But the situation is very fragile.
Ellie died of pancreatitis. We watched a bright, intelligent, caring, creative individual deteriorate before our eyes over a period of months. We cared about her and we feel her loss.
"I remember thinking 'What's more important - the patient's life and survival or the staff member's feelings about hearing swear words?' It is far better for us as professionals to let a person express their anger at that point rather than asking or expecting them to suppress it."
All of us who come into contact with veterans in Dan’s position can have a role to play in helping to rebuild their trust.

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