I cannot conceive of ever reaching a point where we felt there was no more that could be done to help someone.
What if Christmas could be about this – thinking of all the different ways we could be caring and giving and socially responsible towards other people, particularly if they are struggling - and that this was the main focus of what we do at this time of year?
The reality is that someone can have strong and genuine intent to end their life, but they may still be able to ask for help – because at that moment, a small part of them is still trying to survive. Suicidal feelings are infinitely complex and individual.
"Currently there is no statutory organisation consistently protecting or supporting psychiatric patients who experience harm from doctors – even when there is clear and objective evidence of harm having occurred."
"In protecting someone's human rights, we must always be mindful of this: the right to life would surely take precedence over the right to privacy, in a situation where their life is at risk."
The language that feels validating and respectful to each of us is highly individual. Having a person-centred approach is vital within mental health services, and being person-centred also applies to the language we use.
Lockdown is having a particularly severe impact on people who have experienced trauma – either recent or historic.
Not all of us are able to talk, when depressed or in crisis. Mental exhaustion may make it impossible. How to help someone in silent crisis.
It is patently wrong when so many people are, in effect, being denied the right to life – a basic human right.
The natural world embraces you. It accepts all that you are. I felt a part of that world, despite feeling that I no longer belonged in the human world.

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