Joy Hibbins is the founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, a registered charity which runs Suicide Crisis Centres, providing face to face crisis support:

The work of the charity has attracted national and international attention as a result of its zero suicide achievement.

It was Joy’s own experience of suicidal crisis in 2013 which led to the setting up of the first Suicide Crisis Centre. After a traumatic experience the previous year, she developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and rapidly descended into suicidal crisis. The available services did not work for her. She saw the need to set up an alternative crisis service which would be very different from what she had experienced.

Her book “Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives” describes the methods, approach and ethos of the charity and explains why all clients under their care have survived:  Reviews describe the book as “compelling”  “invaluable” “highly engaging and thought-provoking” “incredibly helpful” and “should be compulsory reading for those who work with and care for those vulnerable to suicide.” 

Her previous book “Suicide Crisis: The Story” is an account of her sometimes harrowing experiences under mental health services, and why that led to the setting up of a Suicide Crisis Centre:

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